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Real:  I was raped and sold into sex slavery. The cops did nothing.
Tumblr:  A guy on Facebook disagreed with me. I'm so oppressed!


Doom bots of doom

so hard…

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The Sovereign of Shadow:Syndra by raempire3000

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Anonymous asked: I got a boyfriend that it's always saying that man and woman are the same, Woman are obviously better and stronger he's "idea raping" me What i should do?


"Idea raping" isn’t a thing, but he’s obviously promoting rape and sexism.

Excuse me, what? ‘^’

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First appearances of the original 151 in the Pokémon TCG ~ /

Artist: Interpol


Paul Banks has a voice even a man would call a hotline for. 

First single off El Pintor. Album out September 9th.

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Watched TSM vs C9 during the Superbowl, and now the World Cup.
Well, at least I have my priorities straight, right? 

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Team Curse “Shots Fired" powered by Energems

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